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Embroidery Techniques Using Space-Dyed Threads


Embroidery Techniques Using Space-Dyed Threads

ブラックワークも段染めの糸(Space-Dyed Threads)でするのもステキです! なんだか運命??ヾ(・・ )ォィォィ

Space-dyed threads offer exciting design possibilities with their beautiful, subtle colour changes. This lavishly illustrated book contains a selection of stunning projects and ten traditional embroidery techniques, including goldwork, stumpwork, ribbon embroidery and Canvas work. It also includes templates and diagrams for each project and a comprehensive stitch gallery.An introductory section on the specific uses of space-dyed threads and techniques is followed by chapters dedicated to embroidery styles including: Blackwork; Casalguidi; Canvas work; Crazy patchwork; Freestyle; Goldwork; Stumpwork; Ribbon embroidery; Jacobean embroidery; and, Hardanger.Lavishly illustrated with full-page pictures of every completed project, the chapters also include several alternatives and additional stitched pieces to inspire the reader to create original works. Clear, detailed step by step instructions and photographs complete a book that will have universal appeal among embroiderers of all ages and skill levels.

Blackworkのほかに Canvas-work(ニードルポイントみたいの)、 Casalguidi(ドロンワークとスタンプワークを組み合わせたみたいなもの)、 Crazy patchwork、 Freestyle(いわゆる刺繍)、 Goldwork(金糸などの刺繍糸で埋め尽くした形を金のビーズで縁取ったゴージャスなもの)、 Hardanger、 Jacobean style(東インド会社がもたらした中国風なデザイン。本来ウールの糸で行われる)、 Ribbon embroidery、 Stumpworkが紹介されています。

本書に載っているSpace-Dyed ThreadsはValdaniのものではなく、Chameleon Threadsのもの。カメレオンとは言い得て妙!!
Space-Dyed Fabrics(28 count Even-weave linen)も多種あって、どれもステキ~


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